Bullied at the University of Newcastle (Australia)

11 Jul 2011 7:30:24pm

I believe I was bullied out of the University of Newcastle for being a whistle blower. The University of course denies it. When I was taken by ambulance to a hospital after a failed suicide attempt in my office I was told 15-20 other people from the University had been brought in the same condition for the same reasons by two different psychiatrists. All I could think was - will it take a successful suicide for something to be done. Probably.


11 Jul 2011 3:49:20pm

I am another academic from the University of Newcastle (NSW) whose career was abruptly ended as the University decided I needed to be punished for attempting to expose bullying. So I feel overjoyed at the media attention to this malicious and obnoxious workplace behaviour.

However, it is a cop-out to state that 'Bullying is tricky territory' or that victims should seek alternative employment. There is a plethora of research that clearly identifies what bullying behaviour consistitutes. And more significantly the consequences of ignoring it. Legislation like Brodie's law needs to go National, before more working lives (and lives) are prematurely ended. All workers should have a right to be treated with respect and dignity within their workplace (and elsewhere) and should not be eliminated from their workplace if they allege bullying tactics.

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